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Landscape Lighting

An exterior landscape lighting system is a great way to add beauty, curb appeal, safety and security to your home, garden, walkways and entrance areas. Landscape lighting creates visual impact by highlighting your home's architectural features and drawing attention to structures, plantings and trees.

If you have an existing system, it can easily be enhanced or adapted to reflect new layouts, styles, or updates to your landscaping.

Utilizing top of the line new technology LED and Smart Lighting Kichler products, we will work with your vision and tailor a design to create the effect you desire.

We can use any or all of the following:

Small Spotlights can be used in beds to create focal points and create small areas of interest.

Large Spotlights shine upward to illuminate an object or surface to create highly dramatic visuals. Create a well-lit entryway, show off a statue or focus on key plants and trees.

Cross Lighting uses two beams of light to create a 3 dimensional form in a striking perspective.

Wall Wash Lighting is uniformly spread over an entire area, hiding any imperfections and eliminating shadows which adds depth and an overall ambiance.

Silhouette Lighting makes for a very striking effect by placing a spotlight behind an interesting object and creating a soft lighted background.

Pathway & Spread Lighting illuminate walkways and pathways and provide both safety and intrigue. Pathway Lights are key to enhancing the overall visual appeal of your landscaping

Holiday Lighting - Create the elegant holiday display you’ve always imagined! We install, remove and store your Holiday Lights.

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